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Golden Panda

Unless you’re one of the handful of people who are close to me, you would have no idea that my life is run on impulse and middle-of-the-night needs to learn/try something new. Combine that with my tendency to hyper-focus on a task1, and the near impossible amount of bees in my bonnet, and you end […]

Stuff Panda Man Gets Up To

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve started this illustration malarkey, it’s that besides my affinity for painting MMA fighters doing silly things, I also love nothing more than to paint people and things wearing costumes while in peculiar situations.

Barnett vs. Nelson

I’ve been wanting this fight to happen for YEARS and when it was finally announced, I could hardly contain myself. There was so much GLEE coming out of my pores, I turned into an insufferable asshole for a good 2 hours just yapping about it to anybody within earshot. Except when yesterday came around and […]

The Solipsist Tarot

Solipsism, very basically put, is the theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. So, when I say the only absolute true thing I know is that I really know nothing and no one else but me knows this, I’m not only being self-deprecating, I’m also being pretentiously solipsistic.

Cats Are People, Too

Are there laws for re-creating out-of-print cross-stitch patterns? Because I couldn’t get google to tell me anything. This pattern seems to be out-of-print, as I’ve only seen it available in finished form, or overpriced vintage sealed kits. I’m assuming the original manufacturer isn’t profiting from current sales anymore, so I figured it wouldn’t do any […]