Cats Are People, Too

Are there laws for re-creating out-of-print cross-stitch patterns? Because I couldn’t get google to tell me anything.

This pattern seems to be out-of-print, as I’ve only seen it available in finished form, or overpriced vintage sealed kits. I’m assuming the original manufacturer isn’t profiting from current sales anymore, so I figured it wouldn’t do any harm if I went ahead and re-created the pattern and shared it with the rest of the world to enjoy. For the low, low price of FREE!


The link above will take you to the PDF file. It’s pretty straightforward, and was build by looking at photos of some of the finished pieces. I did do a couple of modifications, namely on the collar and the forehead stripe, to suit my personal needs. Colours, fabric and threads type are up to you. I can’t tell you what to do, I’m not your real mother.

Should you download and work it, though, I would love to see the end result!

NB: If this is in any way infringing on some kind of law, please let me know. This was simply done to spread the cause of our feline overlords, nothing more.

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