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The French Fury is the official purveyor, importer and distributor of slow-made goods from the Void. From paper ephemera to functional wares, our aim is to spark moments of delight and invite you into the world of the Void, a place where odd socks and loved ones travel to.

By purchasing from our Capitalist Emporium, you support the work and livelihood of the Void’s sole artisan and denizen, and help keep the spirit and soul of the Void burning.

Keep Busy. Do Good. Be Bad.

Who is the French Fury?

Aude Li Sing is an artist, designer, and maker, all of which she does slowly. She is well acquainted with loss, never encountered a tuber she did not like, and unfortunately cuts her own bangs.

The Void is a narrative-based fictional (or is it?) space where loved ones, loose possessions, and beloved landmarks go to after their time on the mortal plane is up. Kind of like when your parents sent Fluffy to a farm upstate, or that one story about crossing a rainbow bridge, but slightly more idiosyncratic.

A in-dire-need-of-an-updates portfolio website can be accessed here. Updates forthcoming.