Barnett vs. Nelson

I’ve been wanting this fight to happen for YEARS and when it was finally announced, I could hardly contain myself. There was so much GLEE coming out of my pores, I turned into an insufferable asshole for a good 2 hours just yapping about it to anybody within earshot. Except when yesterday came around and it was finally time…I could hardly watch. Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson are two of my favourite fighters. It was like choosing between pie and coffee: they both have their strengths and I need both in my life equally for different reasons. I’ve painted Nelson doing ridiculous things, and I’ve turned Barnett into a furry 3D beast for the One of One show last year. I’m not exaggerating when I say how tough it was to watch. In the end, Barnett won, but it was a hell of a fight. I’ve never seen Roy Nelson spend so much time on the ground, or get such a pounding that he looked like he was ready for a nap. Here at the Snakepit, we were all rooting for Roy to hang on and keep at it, and take the win, but Barnett was the man with the longer reach and faster fists. Here are some in-progress images. Next in the queue is Nick Diaz. We’re still adjusting the mechanics, I’m hoping we can get that finished this afternoon. Fun Fact: Nick Diaz ‘liked’ an Instagram photo of me holding grapefruits. Why? The world may never know. Punch03 Ready? Punch01 GO! Punch02