A Panda Man For Everybody!

Well, if everybody = 14 folks, that is.

You can bet your sweet derrière my first attempt at making wearable art would feature the Panda Man.

These are prototypes for what I’m hoping is going to be an ongoing series. This batch was made using amber bamboo to get a feel for the process and they turned out much better than I’d anticipated. I’d like to try birch next time, or maybe some cherry wood. I’m thinking the birch would take to colour better than the cherry, but it would be interesting to see versions that are solely laser etched. We’ll see.

Here they are the day they arrived, freshly popped from their bamboo sheet prison, then getting with their first paint coat. At 2am, because obviously, why not.

A full colour version, without the rosy nose and ears. It was okay, but ultimately, I decided against painting the backgrounds. The bamboo has a beautiful grain that I just couldn’t bear covering up.

All of these Pandas have eyes that look in different directions, save for 4 who are looking straight ahead. Pretty excited about being able to do this! And when there are actual products, there’s a need for packaging so for these, I screenprinted backing cards using gold ink.

There are 14 of them, and they will be available for purchase from here soon!