Just A Buncha Doodles

To say the past couple of months have been nuts would be an understatement. Haven’t spent much of any time at home, so no, I did not adopt another cat, but yes, the wandering fur balls ARE sentients.

The following (f)art pieces were done in various locations, in various states of consciousness and/or sobriety, in a variety of motorised vehicles, and sometimes a couch or two.

These three were started somewhere over Kansas, and finished up in my hotel room overlooking Manhattan. These are part of a small series called the French Fury Post and are given away to friends and strangers, whether they want them or not.

Here’s Josh Barnett hula-hooping:
Me riding a T-Rex.
A few eyeballs floating around in pink slime (brought to you by this song)

These were started at the Stanley Hotel, and finished on my couch.

Here’s Peter swimming in a cupcake in Las Vegas, and me climbing a giant wine glass. I have big dreams. 02

The following two are of me riding a giant platypus (it’s a thing, me riding stuff) and a from-memory portrait of my new buddy Norm, whom I met working at Alcatraz. So he’s my prison friend. There’s a soap joke in there somewhere.

And here’s another one of Norm at the Stanley, with a Dum Dum for the ghost children.

This is one of my favourite stories since I’ve been doing this. I had gone to lunch to this place in Burbank near my job called Romancing the Bean. This dude with the most magnificent ginger beard showed up and sat outside next to the fluffiest dog. It was like heaven came down to hang out with me, a total dream come true. There was nothing more I wanted than to be sandwiched between the both of them with my hands stroking their follicles. So I drew it and posted it on Instagram, because that’s how wishes come true, and wouldn’t you know it, I got a message from the ginger fella and he said next time I see him, he might let me pet his beard. RIGHT?! I couldn’t believe it either. So obviously, I haven’t been back since.

A couple of doodles of me picking up dead bees and riding giant extinct animals (told you it was a thing).05 06

There are a couple more floating around, but I can’t locate photos, so that’s all there is for now. I do have a million photos from my day off in New York City, so I’ll get those off my SD card, and maybe return to a regular posting schedule after that.

Rejoice! Or not. Whatever.