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A Happy Place, or Two

Growing up, the nearest worthwhile park was a 40 minutes bus ride away. It had a zoo with iron bar cages, a century-old carousel that made your hands smell like metal, and pony rides. It was where I learned to ride a bike without training wheels and discovered my love for bears and cotton candy. It’s […]

Oh, Hey 2016, Didn’t See You There

If I were to sum up 2015, it was definitely Moonlight Sonata (1st and 3rd movements) with a dash of Alone Again, Or, a soupçon of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, and a big, heaping shovelful of Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark). Something like anxious melancholic nostalgia and a longing for something/one I didn’t […]

Tough Muddering

When Paris first brought up the idea of doing Tough Mudder, I kinda laughed at her face and said HELL NO. So how I found myself plastered in mud after traipsing through 10.5 miles of ridiculous hills and silly obstacles, bleeding at the face and drinking a beer at Vail Lake is still beyond me1. […]

Sewing Patches

Michelle is teaching me to sew with a sewing machine. I’d never previously done that, I’ve always hand-stitched because machines scare me. Baby steps. Started with my Stay Home Club patch, which ended crooked the first time around (see last photo). It was straightened shortly after. Then, I made a skirt. It’s the most unflattering […]