The Solipsist Tarot

I did it! The Solipsist Tarot’s Major Arcana is complete! *confetti*

The cards have all been digitised and colour-corrected, and are now at the printers for proofing! With any luck, they’ll be back sometime next week and they’ll be so good, I will be able to shoot them properly and put them up for pre-orders for those who were/are interested. Who’s EXCITED?

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Here are the lucky last 2 cards:

I – The Magician
If looking for an answer, look no further than inside your own coat. The tools are all there, it’s just a matter of which is best for the job at hand. And if all else fails, there are always plenty of solutions hidden at the bottom of every pocket, if you care to dig for them.
XY – The Devil
The only certain thing is that the only control we have is over ourselves. Remember this next time you find yourself a slave to temptation: the Devil is you and it’s not in disguise.

And here they are, colour-corrected and all together. So stoked with how well they all turned out! Gives me hope for the Minors next year.

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    • Aude Lising says:

      Hiya! You can sign up for the newsletter here. The preorders are opened and will remain so until January 15th. The direct link to get a set is here. Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it!

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