A Few Bits + Pieces

First, here’s a new Auditory Whiplash playlist. It’s about all those times things didn’t quite work out, for whatever reason.

I’ve been so engrossed in my tarot project, that I’ve failed at recording the status of my other endeavours. Here are the few I remembered to photograph.

Howdy Neighborino is still going strong. This is the latest one, I am quite fond of it, it makes me stupid happy.

Michelle, my housemate, once ran into the kitchen asking me what I was sawing. She was quite shocked to find I was only cutting through stale bread.

Speaking of Michelle, we’re also working on a series of analogue gifs, or automatas. This is Roy Nelson and Josh Barnett, battling it out in anticipation of their actual fight in September. These were the initial stages, and the piece is actually finished now, we just need to film it in action! I’ll post that later.

And Saturday, I went to Puppet School and got a crash course in puppet making. My dude ended up being some sort of angler fish with fluffly white hairs, many eyeballs, and an addiction to nicotine. We all have our vices, right? He’s the one on the right.