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Stuff Panda Man Gets Up To

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve started this illustration malarkey, it’s that besides my affinity for painting MMA fighters doing silly things, I also love nothing more than to paint people and things wearing costumes while in peculiar situations.

Monsters + such & such

Finished the first Such & Such last week. There are about 4 more in the queue, but I decided a couple of days ago that I wanted to try something more involved line-work-wise and started stitching up this guy. It’s building up surprisingly quickly, and am hoping I can slack on some work that’s due […]

Beaver Duck

Made this for Michelle Sunday morning before the Tweedles came to take us away on another secret staircase hike. It’s been ages since I’ve embroidered anything, but I’m pretty pleased with the way this came out, especially considering I winged the whole thing, drawing and all. Next time I’ll plan better, and make actual sketches, […]