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A Happy Place, or Two

Growing up, the nearest worthwhile park was a 40 minutes bus ride away. It had a zoo with iron bar cages, a century-old carousel that made your hands smell like metal, and pony rides. It was where I learned to ride a bike without training wheels and discovered my love for bears and cotton candy. It’s […]

An Aside

More than anything, the news of David Bowie’s passing fills me with tinges of sadness for my baby brother who didn’t get to experience our parents the way I did. Before the drugs, before the dischord, before the weight of their impending adulthood manifested itself, there were weekend mornings spent on the road to anywhere, […]

Oh, Hey 2016, Didn’t See You There

If I were to sum up 2015, it was definitely Moonlight Sonata (1st and 3rd movements) with a dash of Alone Again, Or, a soupçon of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, and a big, heaping shovelful of Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark). Something like anxious melancholic nostalgia and a longing for something/one I didn’t […]

Golden Panda

Unless you’re one of the handful of people who are close to me, you would have no idea that my life is run on impulse and middle-of-the-night needs to learn/try something new. Combine that with my tendency to hyper-focus on a task ((The opposite is also true. I’m very good at not being able to […]

The Solipsist Tarot

I did it! The Solipsist Tarot’s Major Arcana is complete! *confetti* The cards have all been digitised and colour-corrected, and are now at the printers for proofing! With any luck, they’ll be back sometime next week and they’ll be so good, I will be able to shoot them properly and put them up for pre-orders […]

Stuff Panda Man Gets Up To

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve started this illustration malarkey, it’s that besides my affinity for painting MMA fighters doing silly things, I also love nothing more than to paint people and things wearing costumes while in peculiar situations.

Auditory Whiplash, Vol. 7 | Sunday Sundae

Surely I can’t be the only one with Perfect Sunday fantasies, right? You know, slowly waking up, exchanging sweet nothings with whom/whatever (I won’t judge) is sharing your bed, sprinkle in a bit of fun, perhaps some breakfast even…and if I’m feeling really French, a luxurious cancer stick. Because if everything went according to plan, […]

Barnett vs. Nelson

I’ve been wanting this fight to happen for YEARS and when it was finally announced, I could hardly contain myself. There was so much GLEE coming out of my pores, I turned into an insufferable asshole for a good 2 hours just yapping about it to anybody within earshot. Except when yesterday came around and […]

The Solipsist Tarot

The closer I get to finishing the Major Arcana, the more daunting it becomes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m over-thinking the last few, but it suddenly feels like a harrowing task! It also doesn’t help that I’ve been just stupid busy with work stuff, picking up some freelance work in an effort to […]