Golden Panda

Unless you’re one of the handful of people who are close to me, you would have no idea that my life is run on impulse and middle-of-the-night needs to learn/try something new. Combine that with my tendency to hyper-focus on a task ((The opposite is also true. I’m very good at not being able to focus on ANYTHING for any productive length of time e.g.: anywhere with a lot of people. It works GREAT on dates 😩)), and the near impossible amount of bees in my bonnet, and you end up with a pretty healthy collection of half-finished or in-progress pieces strewn all over the house ((I’d like to point out that the stove top is a FANTASTIC place to leave a plate full of oil paint)).

While looking for a piece of felt one fine Saturday afternoon, I came across some water-miscible oils stashed in my paint cabinet and realised that I needed to finally figure them out and paint a saintly portrait of the Panda Man RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. And so, I did.


I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I really enjoyed working with these oils. The only real downside is how long it takes for them to dry between each session. Talk about an exercise in patience. Now I understand why artists have so many pieces going all at once. This is good, though. I need long term projects so I don’t burn myself out too quickly on everything else.

Here’s a couple details shots on the beard (complete with extra cat hairs). Because let’s be honest here, this is the best part of the whole thing.

Can we also talk about that gold? Because I think I’ve finally found my gold paint holy grail and now I can focus on something else to holy grail about. This liquid leaf stuff is AMAZING and what gilded dreams are made of. Smelly, but totally worth the headache.


Last but not least: peep this ridiculous frame! I’m super stoked about it, it brings the whole thing to another level of ludicrousness.

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