Roundup of Miscellany

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a backwash of photos, and since I don’t have that much new work to show, here’s a mostly chronological collection of snaps starting in December 2015 up until this past Sunday.
IMG_8413IMG_8415IMG_8416IMG_8534IMG_8545IMG_8669IMG_8692IMG_8695IMG_8697IMG_8768IMG_8845IMG_8916IMG_8962IMG_8980IMG_8997IMG_9078IMG_9079 IMG_9084 IMG_9106 IMG_9129IMG_9130IMG_9189IMG_9190 IMG_9192


Gathering these up really just serves to remind me how little I’ve produced in terms of personal work, and it’s a nice kick in the rump to get back to the few projects I have going. December and January were spent focusing on the publication of the Solipsist Tarot, and then February came and turned my life upside down, in a good way. Jusqu’ici, tout va bien. So far, so good.

IMG_9201IMG_9214IMG_9228IMG_9253 IMG_9255img_9292IMG_9299IMG_9296IMG_9303IMG_9306IMG_9342IMG_9343IMG_9347IMG_9362IMG_9381IMG_9397IMG_9415IMG_9427IMG_9480IMG_9483IMG_9529IMG_9533IMG_9569IMG_9571