Mazel tov! Here’s To Your Missing Balls, Spock

Everyone needs a little ginger pussy in their lives, and I’m not trying to be funny ((just kidding, I totally am.)) but no one would have been better suited to adopt as such than Tresa and Jisela. I’ve long come to terms that there are more cats in my life than there are people. And I’m cool with that, especially since the cats usually come equipped with good people.

Michelle and I headed out to East L.A. on Saturday to visit with Spock, his cat brethren and his humans, and to celebrate his recent ((that morning, even!)) emasculation. Well, that’s the official reason, and that is all you really need to know. Although at some point during the evening I agreed to trade a $74 check, a pound of peppers and a cantaloupe for a medium-sized watermelon. I don’t know, it sounded fair at the time.

So: Ginger kitten is Spock, handsome green-eyed boy is BB, and that round, pretty girl getting loves from her human Tresa is Mittens. And that drink there? That was the greatest whiskey sour, and apparently a useful tool in melon trading.