Dick Nose Man

We had a rough start, but it was all worth it in the end.

Dick Nose Man started as an insult, and then became a doodle and was promptly shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. It wasn’t until I was stuck at the laundromat, 4 whole months later, washing yards and yards of fabric ((If you ever wonder what 5 1/2 yards of cat-covered fabric looks like, peep this.)) that Dick Nose Man was started. No sooner was he started that I then had to put him down again so I could focus on getting other things realised.

Poor Dick Nose Man.

But we’re okay now. He’s finished, and much handsomer than the original doodle. If he were a real person, I would probably fall madly in love with him and attempt to bewitch him into becoming my love slave who brings me coffee and croissants in bed, bakes pies, and settles arguments by winning booger-tossing competitions.

Too much?