You know, to sum up the past couple of months in an easy cop-out sort of way.

First things first, though. The best thing I have ever, ever received? This Fuggler. Yes, that’s right. I am the BEST at picking Christmas presents for myself.

Here are a few things that have kept me busy and out of trouble. I mean, gotta put those opposable thumbs I was lucky enough to be born with to good use, right? Well, ‘good’ being relative. Mostly embroideries, and a couple of catnip eyeballs for Kingsley‘s cats. Can you believe they’d never been nipped before? How that’s even a thing, I will never understand. You’re not a real cat lover until you’ve turned them into drug addicts.

And here a few records. The record gods have been good lately. Pretty stoked on that Daughters record, and the SST test print. Oh and that Shakey Graves 7″ is pretty sweet.

These are a few of my favourite people. They pet donkeys, buy beer, throw gang signs from across the room. Sometimes, I call them ‘friends’, but only when they’re around. There are also some animals thrown in because we’re all one and the same. I don’t discriminate.

Oh! And remember the Tommy + Bamboo wedding banquet? Well, the week before, a few of us cousins got together at their place at Barker Block to build all of the centerpieces. And drink their wine and eat their food, obviously. I got home covered in glitter, which I guess was my comeuppance from rubbing glitter in Kingsley’s beard the day before.

Back in early November, Mélanie and Marie came to visit me from back home and I didn’t have to show up to work for a few days. There is a whole lot of useless stuff on my desk, mostly dead flowers, taxidermy and anatomy models. And dinos. Lots and lots of them. So while I was gone, I guess it wasn’t messy enough so this happened.

And lastly, some weirdo, her shoes, and her cat. Alone and together, forever.

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