Beaver Duck

Made this for Michelle Sunday morning before the Tweedles came to take us away on another secret staircase hike. It’s been ages since I’ve embroidered anything, but I’m pretty pleased with the way this came out, especially considering I winged the whole thing, drawing and all. Next time I’ll plan better, and make actual sketches, and then maybe the edges won’t look as booty.

Here’s the finished badge, and a gratuitous goofy-looking Judy shot as bonus. ‘I believe’ is sort of an inside joke. Platypuses are the best, weirdest creature ever to awkwardly exist on this Earth. They rank only second after the Dodo in my top 5 most fave animals ((1. the dodo 2. the platypus 3. octopods 4. goblin shark 5. anteaters)). But this guy doesn’t believe they exist ((if he is serious about this claim is hard to tell)), so when I related the story to Michelle, she deemed that, while he otherwise is a good egg, in this instance he is obviously wrong, and platypus support must be shown. And seeing as I’m all for spite retaliation, making this badge was the obvious, easy answer.


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