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Princess Bride @ Hollywood Forever

Wednesday afternoon last week, I was informed via instant message that I would be attending the screening of Princess Bride @ Hollywood Forever. There were no ifs or buts, I was going. I mean, it’s not like I would object anyway. Well, except for the whole outdoors-amongst-the-English-in-close-proximity thing. But look, okay, I’m not complaining, it […]

Ambassador Campus

Just found out that the honeycombed Fine Arts & Science buildings of the Ambassador College campus are slated for demolition sometime soon. I can’t really find any concrete information regarding this, but it makes me so incredibly sad to see these go. The first photo is of the Hall of Records, which as far as […]

Randoms From Today

A bunch of misc shots from all over the place. Michelle and I drove around in search of a house to rent in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park/Altadena/Pasadena areas. Things are looking good price-wise. Lots of affordable 3+ beds, which means I will most likely still have an office. Also finally tried and ate at Cindy’s, […]