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Stare Stairs

I left this morning  only to get to the back lot and remember that I’d forgotten to take some outgoing mail with me. When I opened the door, Montag was on top of the stairs, looking forlorn. That, or he was just making sure I was properly gone and off the lot so he could […]

Mount Echo

Finally made it out to Mount Echo this morning, allergies be damned. The weather was all kinds of disgustingly perfect: cold, crisp, and clear. Gross, right? How is that even possible?! (Don’t answer that.) The trail itself is easy enough, lots of switchbacks, steady incline, but man is it ever boring. About halfway through, I […]

It’s freezing? Let’s go to the beach!

Michelle (housemate, and incidently, Best Friend Forever™) got up this morning and said “LET’S GO TO THE BEACH”. I’d spent the morning freezing my buns making mixtapes in the office already, so I was definitely up to freeze my face somewhere more scenic. Plus, there might be bonus sightings of dolphins and other weird sea-dwelling […]