Princess Bride @ Hollywood Forever

Wednesday afternoon last week, I was informed via instant message that I would be attending the screening of Princess Bride @ Hollywood Forever. There were no ifs or buts, I was going. I mean, it’s not like I would object anyway. Well, except for the whole outdoors-amongst-the-English-in-close-proximity thing. But look, okay, I’m not complaining, it was lots of fun. But I could have done without the dumb-dumb with the too-short shorts forcing her hanging ass cheek into my face like I wasn’t sitting there looking up at the other Moon. Or the weirdo couple doing yoga poses and moaning. Or the squeal-y whale people; seriously there is no need to greet each other by yelling HELLOoooOOOOoooOOOO at the threshold of pain while elongating all of the syllable to unnecessary length. Okay fine, I’m complaining. Whatever! You’re not my mom! Seriously,though. Some people, you just can’t take them anywhere, you know?<