Folks I Know

Some more people I’ve met, know, and have known. That bananazilla has the worst attitude.

“Hey, don’t forget to draw my mom has a killer bee!” – My best friend

Michael is my neighbour, a comic book artist, and it’s been 75.6% proven that he is straight out of the 70s. He wears polyester suits with belts with buckles made of resin-embedded scorpions, rides a 1969 AMF Roadmaster muscle bike and is the living definition of groovy. He was sitting in the front yard drawing his comic one morning, saw me leaving, called out and said ‘HEY! WANNA WATCH TWO LADY BUGS MAKE LOVE?’ with the biggest grin on his face. He’d been observing the mating ritual and was really stoked to be able to witness it and wanted to share in the beauty.

Shelley was the session director for the star viewing night I attended at Mount Wilson a few weeks ago. She is quite the character, and one of my favourite people I met this year. “Tonight, we’re not doing science, we’re window shopping!”

Bananazilla: When Bananas Go Bad.