Inktober – Week 1 1/2

There was a bandwagon, so I jumped on it.

I can’t remember how I came across Inktober, but the premise is to do an ink drawing a day and post it to the internet for the world to see using the hashtag #inktober. That way, you can inspire and be inspired by people around the world to get better and improve your ink drawing skills. So, basically, kind of like a big self-congratulating circle jerk, without the health hazards.

Joking aside, I thought it’d be a good way to hold myself accountable and draw something every day, not so much to improve my piss-poor technique, but as an effort to keep at something for more than 2 weeks. The only guidelines I have given myself are 1) KISS and 2) no more than 10 minutes each. So far, so good (or bad, depending on which angle you’re taking).

As for the subject matters, they vary wildly depending on the day. Meaning, there is none. Sometimes they are done in the literal dark, and sometimes they need to be dialed down because I have an audience of children to contend with, so it’s a mixed bag of awfulness.

What I’m saying is if you think they are bad: I was sitting on a traffic cone in the dark, and drew with a piece of charcoal mixed with gin and paints made of crushed candy shells. If you think they are awesome: that’s all me, baby (but you are probably incredibly drunk and/or blind.)

So here’s week 1 1/2 so far, in chronological order.

DAY 01
Captain MisMatched Crooked Body drinking some fermented grape juice.

DAY 02
Smoking siren cow. Drawn in the dark, ten minutes the L.A. premiere of Harmontown started. Had no idea what the colours looked like until the next morning. That head is a drag and half though. UGH.

DAY 03
I’ve no idea what is going on here.

DAY 04
Eyestalks and nipples.

DAY 05
Shedding his old self, and knitting it into a sweater.

DAY 06
A thumb in a sweater. I love euphemisms.

DAY 07
Smoke break

DAY 08
Dancing hair ball just wantsta have fun

DAY 09
Stoned fat raccoon riding a jetpack

DAY 10
Dancing hair ball in a fantasy house. Was meant to be a dick and balls dancing there, but two little boys were watching me draw, so I dialed it down and kept it PG. Children: the running dick joke that can’t get a dick joke.

DAY 11
Taking her pet spider on a walk

DAY 12
Getting milk, walking the human