San Diego Model Railroad Museum (pt.II)

If there were such a thing as playing god, I’m pretty sure it’d look like this.

The real reason for going to San Diego so early in the day was to go to the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. I mean, I love you Shakey Graves, but if I were to choose between you and tiny models, I’d go for the models every time. Do you have a horse in a boat? Or a shark in a pool? I didn’t think so.

We must have walked around for about 15 years before we found it. It really wasn’t that hard, but when you put Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber on a mission to find an underground museum in the heart of a park full of buildings with underground museums, things tend to go wonky. Just ask the little boy who ran after us, then ran into a wall as he was about to start talking to me as I was telling him that “there’s a wall there.” His keepers then picked him up, all dazed and confused, and excused themselves for he, this little man of 3, was a big flirt. I really need to work those skills up to boys my age. It’s getting a bit disconcerting.

Being able to see how things are constructed, and how people work to make all these little scenes happen was also pretty cool. There were quite a few unfinished buildings in some of those, but that makes me excited to come back and see progress. There was also bit where you could go up into a room where they were building a new track. Seeing the in-progress work gives a nice insight in how long and detailed it can get. And it looks like a tonne of fun.


When I grow old, grey, dry, and bony, I would love to join one of those clubs to build little scenes. I saw a distinct lack of red districts, and I’m not going to toot my own horn, but I think I’d be pretty good at it. Just sayin’.