WDR | Drunk Off My Own Sorrow

Because I’m only happy when I’m sad.

The photo of my head used on this sleeve was taken by a friend a few years ago on a hike to Rose Valley Falls. It’s sat unused with the title DrunkOffMyOwnSorrow.tif ever since. Until today.

I don’t recall being particularly sad that day, but I do know that we never did find Rose Valley Falls because of a wrong turn somewhere half-way through. We did find a few creeks and spent some time exploring caves. We sat by ponds, and stared at our feet and each other in silence, thinking about the meaning of life and what to have for dinner. I’m willing to bet that both of us were mostly thinking about dinner, though. We ain’t that deep.

Here’s an alternate version. This was actually the first go at this exercise, but it ended up not working as well as I’d imagined. It’s not bad, but it just isn’t quite right.