Roy Nelson (& Friends) Doing Stuff: The Return

Friends don’t touch gloves, they ram bellies.

Squeezed in a Roy Nelson vs Mark Hunt in anticipation of their fight a few weeks ago.

Also this one:

Here’s Roy explaining it:

“I guess everybody is doing a movie thing, so I’m doing the Scorpion King 4. My role in the movie is as one of the king’s guards, with a very original name; Roykus. Apparently back in the day, everybody’s name was ‘us’ so ‘Roy’ plus ‘us’ and put a little ‘k’ in there; Roykus. I’m one of the royal guards, and I do my own stunts like Jackie Chan. I do some fight scenes and I’ve got a couple of lines. It’s the start of a promising movie career. They didn’t even give me make up, that’s how much I fit this role. I was so perfect for the role that they even just let my hair be.”