Big Country Cinnamon Rolls

This is the result of a random chat taking a turn for the best and needing to be documented. You know, for posterity, younger generations, etc… That sort of stuff. I’m thoughtful that way.

What happens when Roy “Big Country” Nelson, one of my favourite MMA/UFC fighters, posts this photo with that caption? Well, first is to share said photo with a friend who’s equally as enthused by Nelson’s very existence. Then it’s time to travel to Fantasy Sleepwear Speculation Land.

To begin, a quick warmup. Discussing the photo itself, as a way to gather intel (or ammo). Was this actually his fourth plate? He’s known to be kind of this big, out of shape fella. Is this visual trickery and this is actually a photo of a huge plate? Does he just go to sleep after eating, like sumo wrestlers do in order to be as big as possible?

All questions with reasonably made-up, highly rewarding answers, which finally lead to the meat of the conversation at hand: what would be Big Country’s sleepwear of choice, and what, if anything, would adorn it? The consensus: a garish print of a giant cinnamon roll (pictured) over a pattern of small rolls (tragically not pictured) on old-timey half-buttoned buttflap footie pajamas (pictured). And dreaming of pancakes.

Obviously, right?