Here comes Punchy

McFist. Punchy McFist.

Punchy McFist’s story is one borne out of appreciation for MMA fighter Josh Barnett, ritualistic weekend trips to the Home Depot, and awful doodles. It was also a labour of love, and a travail of what-the-fuck-have-I-gotten-myself-into-ness and experimentation.

I had the huge honour to be invited to participate in KMNDZ‘s very own curated custom toy show. I don’t know why or how he thought it’d be a good idea to include me, but I’m pretty stoked to be part of this huge line-up of, you know, ABSOLUTE NOBODIES. No pressure. None whatsoever.

Punchy McFist’s body is 100% unkempt frosted gray faux-fur and is fully posable, from his toes to his beautiful eyeballs’ stems. He is wearing his cleanest hand wraps, reddest spandex shorts, and his luckiest, grimy headband. He’s also down on his luck, a little old and angry about everything, and lives out of a snazzy wooden crate covered in posters proclaiming his (former) glory. His only current possessions are a bottle of Feeling No Pain juice, and a fancy rusty bucket that is both a stool and a table. He is currently accepting bookings for weddings, baptisms and bar/bat-mitzvahs. No word or guarantee that you’d get your money’s worth, however.


If you find yourself in or around Pomona this Saturday, June 14th from 6 to 9pm, you should come hang out and pay Punchy and his fellow custom toys a visit. And if you can’t make it that day, the show is up until mid-july.

Here are process shots:

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