Magic Color Flair + Other Meanderings

Or Part I: What I Did On the First Day of My Vacation.

First stop: Magic Color Flair: The World of Mary Blair. Michelle and I are both huge Mary Blair boner-getter, so when I read that the Disney Family Museum was going to have an exhibits of her stuff, it was only a matter a minutes (read: weeks) before Michelle set out to hook us up with tickets by way of her friend who works there. Thank you, Michelle’s friend!


The exhibit is held in the building behind the main museum, so we headed back that way to check out the gift store and found that they had an Open Studio sesh going! What better way to put the 4 years of fart school I spent good money on into practice? The take-away lesson from this exercise? I have no future in painting cells (for money or otherwise) because I am still apparently incapable of drawing lines to paint inside of in the first place. That’s one less could-have-been career I can cross off my list with relief, I guess.

If you find yourself in the Bay area between now and September 7th, I highly recommend you go. And don’t forget to go see the Art of Marc Davis exhibit as well. I think that one is up until November.

The museum is in the Presidio, so when we were done geeking out, exploration mode kicked in. If there’s one thing I have excelled at over the years, it’s the art of not planning anything. Winging it is my specialty.
The following are from my phone. By that point, my camera battery was dead. Tough life, man. I forced Michelle to go a hike because TREES. I love trees. I can prove it. Well, in a couple of posts after this one, anyway.
SF04Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Then we hoped back into the car, and headed down to the beach, which was incredibly cold and windy.

And then I just kept driving, until it was night time and the show we were supposed to go to, the thing that was the original catalyst for this trip had started. So instead, we turned into the parking lot of a bowling alley. When in Pacifica…ditch the show and go play with balls instead.

Did you know I bowl funny? I didn’t. Apparently, there’s a way to hold the ball correctly, and a way to throw it right, and I’m doing both of them wrong. At least that’s what Michelle told me. I’ve gone bowling countless times and was never informed of the errors of my ways. Either she’s lying to me and is the one who does it all wrong, OR, and this is the most likely reason, my friends don’t love me enough to tell me I have been bowling like a fool. Thanks a lot.

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