The Arboretum

Why didn’t anybody warn me this place is for the birds?

Like, really. Within 5 minutes of my being in the place, I was surrounded by 3 male peacocks, including 2 in full regalia, with no escape route in sight. Then as I was getting lunch, I was surrounded by 3 females. And there was all the Canadian geese to contend with, the ducks, the chickens, and so many hummingbirds. For someone who just came out of the bird indifference closet, it was too much, too soon.

But other than the plethora of feathered flying ((Sorry, chickens)) beasts, it was lovely. There were also a lot more people than at the Huntington Gardens, but what it lacked in isolation, it made up with the historic structures on its ground. I do love me some Queen Anne style architecture, and that cottage did not disappoint ((Although it is a bit disappointing to have to press your face against other people face sweats smeared on the windows just to get a peek at the inside.)). The slow reveal as you emerge from the prehistoric forest was especially breathtaking.

And lest I forget, have I mentioned there’s also a greenhouse full of carnivorous plants? That’s a dream come true if I’ve ever seen one. I mean, if I ever were on a date ((Hahahahahaha. Oh, that was funny.)), that’s probably the first place I’d want to head for, you know? I don’t care for roses, they make me sad. “I think you’re the bee’s knees, so here’s something pretty to watch die, enjoy!” But get me in a hot and humid room full of windows and killer flora and I’m all yours. And bonus if you can reach the tall shelf in my pantry.


PS: the rest of the photos is on flickr, if you’re ever curious about what’s inside that Queen Anne Cottage or the Coach Barn. Or if you want to see my claws hold some more flowers. I ain’t judging, to each their own. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever tickles your pickle. Just kidding. Totally judging.