Galco’s Soda Station

I don’t usually drink soda, but when I do, I make it myself with the blood of a thousand virgin goats.

Goat is another word for blood orange. Also, the soda I did end up making contain no blood orange syrup. Wah wah.

It’d been a while since the last time I was at Galco’s. At least a couple of months, which is really unacceptable. Especially since they now have a Soda Station, where you can mix your own soda. It’s a fun, 5-step process, and while I would never in a million year buy an espresso-white chocolate-praline-salty brown sugar concoction on purpose, I am glad it kinda sorta worked. In a not-really sort of way, but I drank it, sooooo. It counts.

It works like this:

    1 – Grab a bottle
    2 – Fill it with fizzy water to the line.
    3 – Squirt syrups in your water
    4 – Seal with a kiss bottle cap using the hand cranked machine
    5 – Turn upside down, and you’re done!

There are two carbonation setting to choose from, light and heavy. I used heavy carbonation, and probably shouldn’t have because at the second syrup squirt, everything erupted and got sticky and I just made myself giggle. That being said, next time I’d probably do either a half/half or just light carbonation. No mess!