J = A

I told myself I wouldn’t cry. Then again, I wore heels so I kinda was asking for it.

You know you’ve made it into adulthood once your friends start getting married. The past couple of years have been filled with weddings, and nothing makes me happier than to be able to witness my favourite people make a day of it and celebrate their forever lobsterhood.

Yesterday was no exception. Jyvonne + Anitra made it official amongst family, friends, dogs, and chickens. It was a glorious evening, the drinks were stiff, and the weed abundant. The food was great, the candy bar even better. I saw old friends, and made plenty of new ones. And can we talk about the cake and the maple custard pie? Because really.


Jyvonne + Anitra gave me the privilege to be part of it all by allowing me to design their invites. They provided me with the line drawings, and some lose instructions and I was off painting and typesetting. It is a complete departure from whatever I usually do, but I’m happy to report that they loved it. Their happy is my happy.