Where the Wild (Dead) Things Are

The best way to beat the current oven-like temperatures of the house is to go somewhere with fridge-like ones instead. What better place than the one where they store dead bones and thousands-of-years-old artifacts? To the museum we go!

Few places make my heart go pitter-pat more than the NHM. I’ve got a whole lot of love for taxidermy and articulated skeletons, and let’s not forget about the architectural beauty it’s all housed in. There’s an obvious bias toward the Birds room and the Stuffed Critters exhibits. No shame. I mean, I could go on and wax poetics for hours, so instead I’m going to post all of the photos ((It’s not that I don’t appreciate all three of you who come here to laugh at my photos, but it’s hot as Hades again today, so it’s time to leave for another adventure in Not Spending the Day in My Office Sweating Over Website Comps. Sorry.)).


One thought on “Where the Wild (Dead) Things Are

  1. Jason says:

    Ok I like this place as much as the next person. I get bored fairly quick. However your photos really make me want go right now!

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