Chew Toys + Lamps @ Permanent Records

We always kinda end up at Permanent Records on a whim. Saturday was no different.


As it happened, there were a couple of instore shows happening. First to go were The Chew Toys. This is one of those bands that pop up on flyers every once in a while, but you’d ((This is an all-inclusive ‘you’ that includes only me. So ‘you’ is me, but me isn’t you. Are you sick of reading this yet?)) never think twice to listen to because you just kind of assume they’re going to sound the way you’d expect, and you just don’t feel like it right this moment and so you forget about it until the next time you see their name and then the cycle keeps going, just like this sentence. Anyway, I enjoyed what I heard, including the nervous banter when things didn’t go right.


And then, there was LAMPS. I can’t think of when my first encounter with this band was, but I can tell you what I said the first time I heard their song “Bertha Walt”. I think it went something like: WHY IS THIS?! It was like getting ear-fucked in all the best ways possible. Oddly, we seem to always be at shows they are playing at, sometimes on purpose, but mostly by accident. But hey, you won’t see me complain about it, I’m always down for some aural stimulation.


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