Moore Laboratory of Zoology

Where else than the bird morgue would you rather be at on a Saturday morning?

Growing up, I had a pair of lovebirds named Arthur and Coralie44. Birds are a few of the animals44 I am not allergic to. I loved those little parrots, but they were too smart and chewed through the top of their cage and flew off on, ironically, a fine Saturday morning.

The Moore Lab of Zoology at Oxy houses over 60,000 specimens, including quite a few extinct species, caught and skinned anywhere between the latter part of the 19th century to today. Sadly, no Dodos. Alas.


  1. Full disclosure: all my pets were named Arthur and Coralie, because they always came in pairs. Well, except fish. They were all called Moby Dick.444
  2. Birds and fish, actually. My life sucks.444