Descanso for Easter

Another day, another tree zoo.

What Descanso lacks in greenhouses, it made up with the Oak Forest and all the camellias, the redwoods, and the firs. Oh, the firs. The maples didn’t hurt, either.

I love forests, what can I say?

I don’t think I’ve fallen for a place as hard as I did Descanso Gardens. There aren’t a lot of paved paths, and all the off-roading involved was more akin to an adventure than a trip to a curated garden. There were tall grasses where I pretended to be Godzillaude, and tiny train tracks that made me feel like a giant. Even it being crowded with Easter revelers, it wasn’t hard at all getting away for some solitude; it was just a matter of walking further down the oak-covered hills and finding a spot in the shade of a redwood.

Just thinking about it kind of makes me want to play hooky tomorrow. Call in dead, say fuck it and just spend the day there, in that little gazebo near the firs, the one with all the pinecones. Lay down on the bench, looking up at the grapevines wrapping themselves on top, diffusing the light in soft ripples through their leaves, a small breeze swiftly blowing by…

Ah well. Soon enough, I suppose.


Lest I forget, peep those roses! There’s so big, they don’t t fit my hands.