WDR | A Fine Way To Lose

Took the long way home through the park last night. It’s a pretty sweet drive through the hills, twisting and curving that way. Catching glimpses of the twinkling lights of the city below as you avoid falling to your death into a ravine at the wheel of a tonne of metal hurtling through space and along hairpin turns isn’t too shabby, either.

There’s a CD in my car that’s titled S.A.D. that has been in there so long, it is scratched beyond repair. It doesn’t get a lot of play these days because of it, but also because the songs on it have the power to make me Ultra Super Mopey™. Obviously the best time to play it for the first time in months was during last night’s drive through the park’s pot-holed backroads.

The title ‘A Fine Way to Lose’ is an actual song by BRMC that is on the S.A.D. mix and the catalyst for this sleeve. It goes against the few rules ((1. Fictitious bands/titles / 2. Use only own assets/photos / 3. There are no more rules)) that I originally set for this project, but rules are meant to be broken, right? I had an epiphany during an especially tight turn, and realised I had the perfect photo to use, so as soon as I got home…I watched Homeland. And then as soon as that was done, I finished this up.

I’m pretty stoked with the photo ((Breaking another rule. Credit where credit is due: the photo was provided by Kingsley after he showed it to me and I berated him for not sending it to me in the first place.)) edit, and colour palette. I usually like to work with more components, but this came really quickly and easily. I love when that happens. Even if that means breaking my own damn rules.

And you probably should give ‘A Fine Way to Lose’ a listen. If you care.