Somis Nut House | Ojai, Part 2

Well, the Somis Nut House isn’t technically in Ojai, obviously. But we did stop on the way back from Ojai, so it counts. I do what I want, damnit. Walnuts give me rashes ((To be fair, so do pineapple and salami. And whole host of other things, like my own cat.)). So one might assume that a nut house would not be on top of my to-do things while out and about. Except Michelle talked so highly of it that I was dying to see it. So we did, and I walked out poorer that I’d gone in because what she had failed to mention was that it was also full of other wonderful things as well, like chocolate covered EVERYTHING, and dried fruit, and dinosaur-shaped candy, and just thinking about it is sending me into diabetic coma. It was a beautiful thing. P1020913P1020917P1020916P1020915P1020914P1020912P1020911P1020910P1020909P1020908P1020907P1020906P1020905

2 thoughts on “Somis Nut House | Ojai, Part 2

    • Aude Lising says:

      I think you’d enjoy it. There’s something there for everybody, I think your kids and Kelli would find a thing or two to bring home, no doubt.

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