Market Repeats

Anyone who’s met me and spent more than a half hour in my company can probably confirm this: I have a weird fascination with grocery stores. It’s time to replenish the fridge and it happens to fall on a weekend? You bet your sweet, sweet ass I’m going to be foaming at the mouth at the idea of combing the aisles for the weirdest juice cocktails, or most interesting Nutella knockoff.

Some people think of grocery shopping as a boring necessity, like sniffing their armpits before a hot date. But the prospect of inspecting what kind of coffees are available in any given store thrills me in a way that is probably not legal. One of my local faves is Seafood City in Eagle Rock. Their customer base is mostly Filipino, and they carry all kinds of interesting things that, even long after a few years of co-habitating with one have gone, I find myself having hankerings for. Polvoron and kassava cake? Check. Pancit noodles? You bet. Ube-flavoured anything? Check, and check.


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