Kefir factory

Jason‘s wife, Kelli, hooked me up with some kefir grains a couple of weeks ago. Since these are milk kefir grains, they feed on lactose, so I’ve had to venture into the milk aisle on a regular basis. And that’s not something I usually do: cow juice gives me the squirts. To be fair though, a lot of things do. And that includes the first cup of coffee of the day. You probably didn’t need to know that. You’re welcome. The grains keep producing, so I’m constantly filling up jars full of the stuff. I’ve had to stick it in the fridge a few time to slow down the fermentation process because I can’t drink it fast enough. But it’s so good. Just stick a spoonful of cajeta ((Goat’s milk caramel. It’s like caramel with a goat-y taste. Don’t knock it til you try it. It’s the best.)) in and swish it around and you’ve got the best breakfast ever. Wait, no. Brew yourself some coffee, too AND THEN you have the best breakfast ever. Seriously. Just ask my colon.

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  1. setapart1 says:

    Yes didn’t need to know that but the idea is implied however now it is way more visual. Ha Ha some great photos glad you didn’t take photos of the whole write up. Whew!

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