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“Whenever You Were, Here You Are”

The Void is a collection of stories and places that help explain and process what happens when you’ve lost something you hold on to dearly. This Void-with-a-big-V is similar to but not quite the same as all the other voids-with-the-small-v out there. It is yours, just as much as it is ours. It’s a place where we explore the duality of life and death , a concept which extends to the objects we interact with daily. It’s also a place to contemplate loneliness, how to keep our minds safe when the times are a-a-a-changing wildly, the seemingly endless search for happiness, and the ambiguous fruitlessness of Capitalism.


The weight of the written word is both literal and metaphorical. With this listing, you are purchasing the physical weight of 64 stapled printed pages introducing the Void and its most famous landmarks. The book comes with free stickers and a show postcard, too!

If you would rather experience the metaphorical weight of the words contained within this tome, the digital version is here. There is also a limited number of books bundled with some paper ephemera which can be found here.

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